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Transferring Files With SharePoint Using Network Places/Drives

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 14 sept. 2012 15:55 por Ignacio Gonzalez

To simplify moving a large number of files to and from SharePoint libraries, or from one library to another, you can create a Network Place or map a Network Drive that links to the library.  No matter which method you choose, functionality will be about the same.  The main difference is that a Network Place must be accessed via My Network Places, while a mapped Network Drive will show in ‘My Computer’ just as an additional hard drive would.

Whether you choose to map a Network Place or Drive, you will now be able to access the library through a window, without having to login to the SharePoint site via internet browser.  It’s actually quite easy.  All you need is the URL of the library to which you would like to connect.

To create a Network Place:
1.    Open Windows Explorer (double-clicking ‘My Computer’ will do this for you)
2.    Choose ‘My Network Places’ from the ‘Other Places’ list on the left side
3.    Click on ‘Add a Network Place’ – this will open the ‘Add Network Place Wizard’
4.    Click Next, then select ‘Choose another network location’ and click next again
5.    Type, or paste, the path to your SharePoint library, ie. ‘ Documents’ (Note, do not include the page name, ie. allitems.aspx)
6.    Name the new Network Place, click Next, then Finish

To map a Network Drive:
1.    Open Windows Explorer (double-clicking ‘My computer’ will do this for you)
2.    Select ‘Tools’ from the menu, then ‘Map Network Drive’
3.    Select the drive letter that you want to use
4.    Under ‘Folder’, enter the URL to the SharePoint library, ie. ‘ Documents’ (Note, do not include the page name, ie. allitems.aspx)
5.    Click Finish.

That’s it!  Any time you need to move files to or from the SharePoint Library, you can now simply open the Network Place or Drive and copy files in and out of the window, just like it is on your local PC.  Please note, when transferring files this way, you are still uploading or downloading files to your hosted SharePoint site, so it may take several minutes for the copy/move to complete depending on your connection speed.

UPDATE: 12/18/09

This post explains how to connect a network drive to a SharePoint Document Library using Microsoft Windows. Our SharePoint Gurus have now discovered a quick and easy way to do the same thing using a Mac. That’s right – Integrate SharePoint Document Libraries with a Mac computer. Yahtzee!