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InfoPath forms + People Picker fields + SharePoint groups and users = SLOW

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 11 sept. 2014 13:18 por Ignacio Gonzalez


This property is set on the Web Application level and is false by default.   In order to work around the problem, set this property to true.   A few ways for doing this:


$web=get-web “specifytheurlofthewebapplication” 


The problem is that we will always go to Active Directory first by default to do the lookup via theTranslateToSids function.  This isn’t desirable in this specific case because it’s a SharePoint security group that’s being passed.  The second part of the problem is with the format of the name specified on the people picker field.  The fact that there is no \ in the name causes Active Directory to submit the lookup against every domain in the forest.  In a large Forest, this can become a taxing operation.  Finally, the lookup is resolved within SharePoint.


Work Around

The good news is that we exposed a property that controls how this validation takes place when no \ is present in the name.  Instead of first going to AD, we will perform the lookup within SharePoint first.  This is desirable in certain scenarios such as this one.  Names containing domain\username will still be processed by Active Directory first so no affect their.  The property is the following: